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Debt Free

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▲ pyrite, honey calcite, obsidian, tigers eye, and the aries new moon ▼

This gem essence gives you the power to aggressively confront your debt and win! Pyrite brings luck in money matters. Honey calcite encourages responsibility, accountability, and assists in overcoming obstacles. It also can help in recovering from abusive situations, whether you have been abusing credit or have been manipulated by predatory credit lenders. Obsidian cultivates the calm, grounded emotions you need to get your physical life in order. Tiger’s Eye offers protection from danger and dissolves stagnant behavior patterns. Aries brings the message that it is time to take action and be a warrior for yourself. Use this essence to bring back your feeling of empowerment, confidence, and courage in the midst of overwhelming debt.

Place two drops under tongue, on heart center, or on your altar before opening credit card statements, navigating student loan calls, making back tax payments to the IRS, or checking your credit score.

Minimum Order: 2 bottles of any combination of essences