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Releasing Ancestral Money Patterns

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▲ fluorite, lepidolite, rhodonite, carnelian, and the taurus new moon ▼

This gem essence sets a clear intention to heal ancestral lineage around money. Fluorite encourages clear thinking, reducing emotional involvement in a situation in order to gain a more accurate perspective. Lepidolite is a mood stabilizer and a stone of reconciliation. Rhodonite casts off confusion, doubt, and incoherency. Carnelian strengthens the voice and allows you to speak your intention with confidence and eloquence. Taurus brings the message that it is your job to build something of value for yourself and to center your own values in how you choose to live. Use this essence to ease discomfort and pain about financial trauma experienced or perpetrated by your ancestors and allow you and your descendants to move forward differently.

Place two drops under tongue, on heart center, or on your altar when making money moves that feel new or uncomfortable to you, in times of fear or scarcity, or before prayer, dreamwork or offerings dedicated to ancestral healing.

Minimum Order: 2 bottles of any combination of essences