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Policies + FAQ

Hand made, bottled, and blessed with manifestation magic in San Francisco, California by Jessie Susannah Karnatz, Money Witch.

Gem essences contain the vibrational power of a crystal, allowing you to attune the energy of your body and your soul to the message and wisdom of the stone. Taking gem essence internally, or rubbing them on your skin, brings the healing intelligence of the Earth to restore injured parts of ourself in a gentle but also profound way. It literally changes our vibes to be more like a crystal!

Minimum Order: 2 bottles of any combination of essences

Shipping: Flat Rate of $6.95 for 2-10 bottles. (Contact me to inquire about larger orders.) Currently only shipping to the US. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


How often do I take it? Listening to your body and your intuition will give you the best information. You might take the essences 2-3 times per day in times of intense transformation, or 1 time per week when just trying to cultivate and grow general financial health.  

How many drops do i take? How do I take it? I recommend 2 drops at a time, placed under your tongue, rubbed on your heart, or placed on your altar. Taking a larger dose does not give larger results!

How do I choose which one to use? What issues feel most urgent to you now? What does your heart truly desire? What hurts the most? What blessings do you need? Trust your heart.